Understanding OneCoin Token

World's first 100% decentralized token IEO with the Airdrop feature

The world's first decentralized peer-to-peer crowd funding framework that comes with its own IEO ERC777 Registered airdrop token; while seeking ZERO joining fees.

This is a system which offers rewards, passive network income, and profit on tokens, well beyond commissions, as you progressively travel through various levels.


  • Completely Decentralized System
  • World's Most secured IEO Token with Airdrop

Why CoinToken

Competitive Advantages

World's first most secure IEO token on the Network Plan P3 highlighted with 1CT Wallet and Personal Exchange for your 1CT (Token) Transactions; and on the top of it, on achieving the users you get benefits of expanded Token value.

About OneCoinToken

Token Sale

OneCoinToken is world's first program that offers you to be a part of an additional opportunity to participate in OneCoinToken (1CT) sale. IEO token will be disclosed on the basis of your joining, when you join the platform; 60% of the fund is utilized to give you the token (1CT) at each level; which can be exchanged through the personal exchange, not only this! But, you will get added benefit of increasing token value at various user base.

Token Name:

Ticker Symbol:

Token Supply:

Exchange Rate:

Transaction Fees:

Minimum Purchase:

Minimum Sale:






100 1CT


OneCoinToken ICO Distribution

Founder and Team Allocation


The Timeline

With the help of our contributors and investors, these are the few milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Affiliate Partner Program
P1, P2, and P3 Income Explained

Panel P1:

  • Three blocks are positioned right beneath you.
  • For every first or second block which will join just under you, the proportionate earnings you can avail include 30% of 1CT and 70% of ETH.
  • Parallelly, the third block which joins directly underneath you is meant to reinvest available amount in order to let your ID be kept open.

Panel P2:

  • You not only have 2 blocks which are straightaway below you, there are 2 other blocks that happen to be beneath the second level.
  • The former 2 blocks, specifically the ones straightaway below you, are designed to create revenue for your backer.
  • When users join at the second level, it is actually the first 3 users who create revenue for you. The last block user is mainly meant to invest the money back so that your ID remains open.

Panel P3:

  • Works exactly like Panel P1 with income in the form of 1CT
  • For every first or second block which will join beneath you; you get 30% worth of 1CT and user gets 70% worth of 1CT
  • For the third user joined beneath you; 30% worth of 1CT goes to your upline and 70% worth of 1CT goes to user, third node also reinvests in your ID.


  • On every user joining below you, 10% goes to smart contract for token backup before income distribution.
  • Minimum Token Sale allowed is 100 Tokens
  • Minimum Token Purchase allowed is $50 worth of Tokens
  • 10% Transaction fess goes to smart contract on every purchase / sell of the token you earned through Panel P3


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've mentioned a bit of IEO, IEO Token, cryptocurrencies and few others. If you have any other queries, please get in touch with us.

  • General
  • Token
  • Exchange
  • Payout Plans

What is 1CT Crypto?

OneCoinToken – An International crowdfunding platform for new generation. First in the history with the marketing matrix on a smart contract for Ethereum. 'Samovolnoy' is a software algorithm which performs the function of distribution of affiliate commissions between members of the community subject to certain conditions (matrix marketing plan). Code contract is in the public domain.

Who Manages OneCoinToken?

Platform OneCoinToken is samospalenie of the transaction, which does not allow it to intervene in the transaction.

What is Decentralization?

The process of dispersion of authority from Central administration to the participants of the process. Unlike a centralized system, all decisions are made by consensus.

What is Smart Contract?

Smart contract – algorithm inside the blockchain cryptocurrencies. In our case that Ethereum is number one among those on which it is possible to create smart contracts. the Main purpose of such contracts is the automation of the relationship, the opportunity to make a commitment itself executable.

Which Wallet should I use?

OneCoinToken works with all crypto wallets. We suggest the following: for mobile devices; smartphone, tablet the app Trust Wallet, for computers and laptops browser extension Metamask. metamask.io

I Activated the Platform, what next?

In order to effectively interact with the platform smoothly, you need to: 1. Talk to those who invited you or experienced members – they will help to effective initial steps. 2. Go to the “Academy” with selected courses for successful work on the platform.

What is 1CT Token?

1CT is the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer crowd funding system that comes with its own IEO ERC777 Registered airdrop token; while seeking ZERO joining fees.

Can I Buy or Sell my 1CT?

Yes, You can buy or sell your 1CT using personal exchange on OneCoinToken with limit of minimum 1001CT for buying and $50 worth when you sell.

Is there any limit of buying and selling?

Yes, you must buy minimum of 1001CT and there is limit of selling minimum $50 worth of 1CT, you should also take in to the account the minimum holding period of 30 days before you can buy or sell

What is the transaction fess?

10% transaction fees goes to smart contract for token backup for every purchase or sell you do.

How Can I earn more 1CT?

You can either buy 1CT or you earn 1CT by joining users into your panel. You can have a look at our presentation to learn more about how many 1CT you earn at every level.

How does the value of 1CT Increase??

1CT value increases when you join more users into your matrix, you can have a look at our presentation to learn more about increased value of 1CT at various user levels.

What is Exchange?

Exchange is OneCoinToken exchange for you to do transactions for your 1CT you have earned at various levels.

What is the exchange Rate of my 1CT?

Exchange rate of 1CT starts with 1 USDT but it changes based on the number of users you have in your network and it gains value upto 1000% so holding on 1CT can benefit you at various levels.

What is the transaction fees on exchange?

10% transaction fees goes to smart contract for token backup for every purchase or sell you do.

Can I sell or buy 1CT Immediately?

No, firstly when you are at Airdrop level, you can not buy / sell 1CT, you must upgrade to level 1, also there is a minimum holding period of 30 days and 100 1CT limit of buying and $50 worth when you sell.

Is It possible to generate Passive income?

Yes, when you keep upgrading your levels and your network partners keep on joining new nodes, you start making passive income, for more information please check our presentation.

What is P1, P2, P3 and P4 Panels?

P1, P2 and P3 are your matrix where by joining partners you make ETH and 1CT which varies at every level and P4 is your 1CT wallet where all the 1CT you have earned are stored and ten you can buy or sell them.

What is Re Entry??

If the level is not full, then the next partner will take place in the automatically generated matrix of the same level. This is called loop. Pays new matrix partner, which ranked last, and the amount goes to higher partner. This process is fully automated smart contract.

Can I Lose my Invited Partner?

No. It is possible. Your personally invited partner forever bound to you bound referral.